Office Timing 10.00am to 5.00pm
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    who we are

    Career and Education Foundation is an ISO certified Govt. registered premier educational Institution to impart quality training to students to make them self reliant and prepare them for 21st century competitive world. Our aim is to prepare young minds to achieve their dreams. To provide quality education, we employ best of faculty members and new techniques so that the subject is thoroughly absorbed by the students and make them future ready. The digitalization of India is going to give a bright career in computers and we want to make young minds to grab this opportunity by imparting through knowledge of computers and digital world with personality development. Our Institution takes care of overall quality and personal development of students to make them a better and aware citizen of India.

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    our mission

    Our Govt. is pushing for digitalization of India hence, our mission is to make young promising students take this opportunity and make themselves computer literate and self reliant and grab this opportunity. We aim to make them through computer literate and give them best of training in this field through our various branches with state of the art 21st century teachings through our best faculty members so that they can be employed in the field of computers. We are also offering them jobs after training on computers and make them self reliant. Our mission is to provide students with quality syllabus and methodology to learn the subject and look after their whole personality development to make them a better and aware citizen of India. The 21st century belongs to computers and technology hence, they could reap the benefits of the same.

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    our vision

    To make digital India success, we want to provide premium education with proper methodology and with best computer faculty to prepare young minds with their personality development so that they can fulfill their dreams in the 21st century competitive world. With quality education in the field of computers, they will be absorbed in the industry and get satisfying remuneration to make their dreams come true and serve for Family, society and India in a better way. Our vision is also to impart computer knowledge to students from poorer sections of the society to uplift their living standards and make them better citizens of India as well as serve their society in a purposeful manner equipped with knowledge and standards. Personality development is also a key factor in our program without which nothing is possible.